1 – Arthrex Synergy Surgeon Vault iOS and Web-based app

As a design lead on the Arthrex Surgeon Vault app, specifically designed for orthopedic surgeons, I played a crucial role in creating a secure, user-friendly and visually appealing cloud-based data management system that allows orthopedic surgeons to easily access and distribute their data, including surgical videos, stills, and other content, to patients from any location at any time, across different platforms. My work on this project started with refining the Arthrex Design System to ensure consistency and coherence with the company’s design guidelines and visual language. I was responsible for designing both the iOS and web versions of the app, ensuring consistency and ease of use across all platforms.

The impact of the Arthrex Surgeon Vault app has been significant, it has improved surgeon-patient communication by allowing orthopedic surgeons to quickly and easily create patient reports and share them with patients. This improved communication promotes higher patient satisfaction scores by providing patients with more transparent and detailed information about their surgical procedures. It also allows surgeons to access and share their data from any location at any time, which improves their efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, the app’s use of state-of-the-art data security measures ensures patient data is kept private and secure, which increases patient trust and confidence in the platform.

A key aspect of this project was my close collaboration with cross-functional teams, including product management and engineering, which were distributed across continents. I effectively communicated and coordinated with these teams to ensure a smooth and seamless development process, resulting in the successful launch of the Arthrex Surgeon Vault app, specifically catering to the needs of orthopedic surgeons.

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2 – Arthrex Synergy Matrix Integrated OR

As the lead UX designer for the Synergy Matrix 2.0 embedded product solution, I brought my expertise in user-centered design to enhance the experience for surgeons and hospital staff. The Synergy Matrix 2.0 is a cutting-edge 4K image switching and routing system used in operating rooms to optimize flow and enhance visualization, providing the highest quality 4K images to any monitor in the field, thus improving the experience and efficiency of medical staff. The system is a critical tool in operating rooms, and its design must be intuitive, easy to use, and error-free.

I knew the system’s success would depend on how well it was adopted and used by the surgeons and hospital staff. To understand their needs, we conducted internal research and user interviews. This feedback was used to identify the most impactful areas for improvement while requiring reasonable effort from engineering and sales/marketing teams. One such area was the help and support experience, which I redesigned to improve usability and reduce human errors in setting up and maintaining the technically complex system in the hospital. We identified help and support experience as an impactful high-priority area of improvement that requires reasonable effort from engineering and sales/marketing teams. I improved the information hierarchy, visual cues, iconography, and a multi-modal design approach. This redesign not only improved the overall experience for the users but also led to a significant reduction in support requests and cost savings for the company.

I employed an iterative design approach and user testing throughout the entire product development cycle to ensure that the redesign met the users’ needs and was easy to use. This project exemplifies my ability as a lead UX designer to understand the users’ needs, identify opportunities for improvement, create a user-centered design, and deliver measurable results. With my redesign, I was able to bring tangible benefits to the users and the organization by delivering a more efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution.

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