Ultra-portable Laptop

Shortlisted in Fujitsu Design Award 2011: A Life with Future Computing (Among 3354 designers from 99 countries). Competition targeted next generation of Fujitsu Lifebook product line for 2013.

The market segmentation targeted construction engineers, quality control staff, gamers and everyone who works on the move and needs extended battery life. The design reflects Fujitsu product identity. With 12.8” screen size, this laptop is easy to carry by handle which is the extra battery. Ultra portable battery charger. Large, textured and easy to find buttons makes them accessible. The design has been inspired by heavy duty trucks and SUVs in the market. The body has been designed for harsh conditions. Scroll/zoom pad works by rotating touch.


nobuo otani, corporate senior vice resident Fujitsu, JAPAN,
kimitaka kato,  Fujitsu design president, JAPAN,
ross lovegrove, designer, UK,
ma yansong, MAD architects, architect, CHINA,
gwenael nicolas, curiosity, architect, JAPAN,
toshiyuki inoko, IT Innovator, JAPAN,
birgit lohmann, chief editor of designboom.