Hologram Laptop

Hologram Laptop (# 1) was shortlisted in Fujitsu Design Award 2011: A Life with Future Computing (Among 3354 designers from 99 countries). Competition targeted next generation of Fujitsu Lifebook product line for 2013.

1 – Hologram Laptop:

  • Target market: 3d content developers, gamers, animators, and professional users.
  • 3D Hologram images enhance professionals’ workflow.
  • The angled display bar shows the current open windows. It enables user to easily switch to another window.
  • In addition to multi-touch pad, the scroller/zoom pad has been designed separately to provide more flexibility and smooth workflow.

2 – Holo Mood: By changing user mood (captured user’s face and gestures) the theme of running applications change to address user mood. suggests customized entertainment contents for current user mood. The color of Keyboard’s LED backlit also changes by identifying user mood and the social networks shows available friends in the same mood to be contacted.

 3 –  Lifebook Fold:
  • Target market: home and entertainment users
  • Ultra portable notebook with 12” transparent glasses free 3D OLED screen
  • Six built in speakers have been designed in four directions to produce real 3D sounds
  • Dual hinge enable user to adjust the screen angle and the keyboard angle
  • Accessible multimedia keys on flat keyboard


nobuo otani, corporate senior vice resident Fujitsu, JAPAN,
kimitaka kato,  Fujitsu design president, JAPAN,
ross lovegrove, designer, UK,
ma yansong, MAD architects, architect, CHINA,
gwenael nicolas, curiosity, architect, JAPAN,
toshiyuki inoko, IT Innovator, JAPAN,
birgit lohmann, chief editor of designboom.