About Ehsan

Ehsan is a doctoral candidate in Design with Digital Media, a research assistant at Immersive Visualization Lab (iLab), and also an instructor at Department of Architectural Studies of the University of Missouri. In 2015, he joined UPMC Enterprises as UX Researcher/Designer, where he worked under the agile/scrum process on medical imaging products along with a group of engineers, researchers, and designers from GE Healthcare and Technology Development Center. Before joining the Ph.D. program at MU, Ehsan served as a full-time faculty of Industrial Design at Azad University of Mashhad (IAUM) for over six years, during which he taught a variety of undergraduate courses such as Design Studios, User-Centered Design, Product Evaluation and Analysis, and Creative Problem Solving.
Along with his academic experience, Ehsan has professional work experiences as a design consultant, product designer, and interior designer for several companies. Some of his works have been recognized by international design awards in the U.S. and Europe such as “A Life with Future Computing: Fujitsu Design Award”, “BREIL Milano Timepiece Design Award: The Next Icon in the Watch Culture”, and “Vision of the Future” at the World Future Society. Ehsan earned his BFA and MFA in Industrial Design and another MA degree in Design with Digital Media, and his current areas of research are user-centered design, user experience, augmented reality and virtual environments.

Ehsan's Areas of Expertise

For more than 14 years Ehsan has been working as a Designer, Researcher, Design Consultant, and design Instructor.

Industrial Design

In addition to his industrial design faculty position at IAUM, Ehsan practiced product design and his works have been recognized by international design awards in the U.S. and Europe.

HCI and User Experience

As a Research Assistant, Ehsan has been working on several projects in the field of HCI. He also worked as UX Design Researcher at UPMC Enterprises to improve GE Healthcare products.

Interior and Environment

Ehsan has practiced interior design at BlueRoom Inc. and Faza-Saz. He has also taught Architectural and Interior Design Studios at University of Missouri, IAUM, and University of Tehran.

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Ehsan’s Teaching Experience

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Recent Research Projects

Applied research projects are focused on Healthcare Technologies, Journalism/Advertisement, and Transportation.

Multi-display UI

To improve the Radiologists’ performance and experience with GE Healthcare imaging software, eyetracking technology was used for navigation analysis …

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Driving Simulation

Funded by Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), this project synthesizes the advantages of virtual reality and driving simulator to evaluate the design configurations…

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3D VR Journalism

This project provides a proof of concept by creating and testing virtual/augmented reality prototypes in controlled experiments based on media affordances …

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Interactive 3D Ads

Certain conditions of stereoscopic 3D advertisements are tested in controlled experiments to measure the effectiveness and viability of 3D advertisement on …

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Companies and Institutions

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